Maine Yoga Adventures

Maine Yoga Adventures connects people to the outdoors and fellow adventurers in playful and challenging ways. Adventures are unique and designed to bring together yoga & nature with a bit of extra fun and excitement. Adventures may include hiking, paddleboarding, skiing, ice skating, tennis, horseback riding, etc.

Layers that are added to adventures may include wine or beer tasting, painting, vegetarian cooking, dancing, massage, knitting...

Expert instruction is provided on every adventure as well as healthy vegetarian/vegan food! 

Maine Yoga Adventures brings community together – join us! 


Holly Twining, Founder of MYA, began her own exciting creation Maine Yoga Adventures after ten years with Maine Audubon as a naturalist and communications coordinator. Started in July of 2015, Maine Yoga Adventures brings community together thru yoga & nature adventures that are statewide and outside Maine's borders to Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy, and more... 

Prior to Maine, Holly lived in New York City as a performer. She was the artistic director of delicious biscuit and performer for experimental theatre pioneer Richard Foreman and performance artist Penny Arcade. After obtaining an Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree focusing on environmental ethics and literature at New York University, she moved to Orono, Maine.

Holly started working at Fields Pond Audubon Center and in 2011 became a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Namaste Institute training program. Holly teaches a wide variety of yoga classes at Om Land Yoga studios from aerial and chair yoga to vinyasa flow and intermediate. She teaches the younger set in Mantis Yoga for Kids classes and is a certified foundations instructor thru Color Me Yoga. Holly also trained in Unnata Aerial Yoga with Michelle Dortignac. Her experience also includes paddleboard yoga & acro yoga. Holly has a yoga tv spot with ABC 7/Fox Bangor to highlight upcoming adventures and introduce viewers to different aspects of yoga. 

Holly lives with her family in Orono, two sweet boys Augi and Zane, and Travis Baker, an award winning playwright. Somehow she still finds time to play competitive tennis and loves it!

CONTACT Holly Twining with any questions about adventuring at 207-299-0082 or email at

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