Katahdin Ascent Adventure

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Katahdin Ascent Adventure


Embrace your sense of adventure with a wintertime ascent of Mount Katahdin with MYA and Acadia Mountain Guides!

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General Itinerary
DAY 1: Meet at 8:00 a.m. at Alpenglow Adventure Sports, 92 Main St., in downtown Orono.
We will do a final check of equipment, load group gear and be northbound hopefully by 10:00a.m.
Please arrive relatively packed. In the early afternoon, we will travel from Abol Bridge into Abol
Campground (5 miles). Once there, we will prepare food and warm up, go over some mountain safety
topics, and make sure we are all packed and ready for the following day.

DAY 2: Rise early for breakfast and then start up toward the summit. This will be a long day and we
will be traveling out late in the day. Depending on how me move on the mountain will dictate the time
we arrive back at the vehicles.

Transport: We like to carpool from Orono to Abol Bridge in order to minimize fuel consumption. This
drive is about one hour and forty minutes. Please let us know if you have a vehicle and can drive
other participants.

Food: AMGCS will provide dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday along with hot drinks such
as cocoa, tea, and electrolytic replacements. Please let us know if you have any special dietary
needs other than the vegetarian request for MYA.

You should bring easy to eat trail lunch foods such as Clifbars, raisins,
peanuts, chocolate, etc. for lunches each day along with extra snacks you may like.
Pre/Post Trip Lodging: Contact us for referrals in the Orono or Millinocket area. You may consider
staying in Millinocket after the climb, as we will be tired!

Risk and Rescue: Enjoying the outdoors necessitates a certain degree of risk-taking. You are
participating in this trip and entering the winter backcountry environment of Baxter State Park at your
own risk. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to minimize various hazards through the application of
good judgment gained from a foundation of education and experience. Some of the hazards that can
lead to injury associated with this trip include but are not limited to extreme cold, demanding physical
travel, avalanche, vehicle transportation, skiing and camping. Please be sure that you are fully aware
of such risks. Self-reliance in the face of adversity is expected on the part of the wilderness traveler
entering the wilderness areas of Baxter State Park. Cellular phones and radios should not be relied
upon in an emergency. Non-emergency use of radios or cellular phones is prohibited within Baxter
State Park. While risks cannot be completely eliminated, it is our goal to interpret the environmental,
situational and group variables and to make educated decisions to minimize dangers to you while at
the same time providing an enjoyable and memorable experience.

“Although it is the policy of Baxter State Park to attempt to assist those in need, a rescue effort on the
mountain or in the park backcountry should not be expected. Search and rescue operations are
conducted on a discretionary basis. The level and urgency of the response is determined by field
personnel based on their evaluation of the situation. A rescue will be initiated only when necessary
and when within the reasonable technical ability of available personnel and provides rescuers with a
reasonable margin of safety. A helicopter rescue is risky and will only be used when medical or
technical demands warrant it. Rescue is not automatic. For all practical purposes, a party is alone and
must depend upon its own resources for self-rescue and be equipped for an extended emergency.”
This is a group trip and good expedition behavior is critical. Participants are asked to stay with the
group until everyone has safely reached the road.

Travel In: We will bootpack, ski, or snowshoe to reach Abol Campground. Participants who have
backcountry / off trail ski touring experience may use skis if approved by the guide.

Please dress in layers and it is very important that you pack as lightly and compactly as possible.
Wicking Base Layer - recommended materials: Wool, Meco, Capilene
⎯ sock liners and / or vapor barrier sock
⎯ liner gloves
⎯ long sleeve shirt
⎯ pants
Insulating Layer - recommended material: any type of pile such as Polartec or wool, not cotton.
⎯ winter hat covering your whole head
⎯ balaclava or neck warmer
⎯ medium weight jacket / vest
⎯ expedition weight jacket (down or synthetic)
⎯ heavy socks
⎯ warm mittens
⎯ warm gloves
⎯ pants (pile lined soft shell with integrated gaiter –grommets useful)
⎯ Insulating pants with side zips
Shell Layer - recommended materials: waterproof / breathable fabric such as Gore-tex, eVent, etc.
⎯ hooded jacket
⎯ pants (full length side zips useful)
⎯ over mitts
⎯ gaiters

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST if you need rental gear be sure to reserve it well in advance!
⎯ Lunch Snacks
⎯ Goggles & Sunglasses with side protection
⎯ Headlamp & spare batteries
⎯ Unbreakable bowl, insulated cup, & spoon
⎯ Personal toiletries, sunscreen, & lip balm
⎯ Insulated, wide-mouthed, water bottle or thermos
⎯ Large, sturdy pack (<5000ci / 80L)
⎯ Day pack approximately 30 – 35L capacity
⎯ -20 degree sleeping bag (rentals available)
⎯ EVA 1/2” foam full length ground pad (rentals available)
⎯ EVA 1/4” foam pad 3/4 length or ThermaRest ground pad (rentals available)
⎯ Snowshoes in good condition
⎯ Adjustable Ski poles (rentals available)

GEAR DISCOUNT!!! You are entitled to a 15% discount coupon on all future outdoor equipment
purchases at Alpenglow Adventure Sports, our outdoor equipment retail store located at 92 Main St.,
Orono, ME and on the web at AlpenglowGear.com.

Additional Information: If possible, please familiarize yourself with the booklet on Winter Use of
Baxter State Park. It contains several nuggets of useful information for winter camping,
skiing, and mountaineering. This booklet was prepared for Baxter State Park by Jon
Tierney, owner of Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School. It is available on the
AcadiaMountainGuides.com website and the BSP website.